If it is exposed to intense amounts of direct light, its leaves will wither and droop. Ideal growing conditions include partial sun, medium humidity and moist but not soggy soil.

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Blue star fern is valued as a houseplant because of its resilient nature in low lighting conditions.

Blue star fern growing conditions. They have evolved to attach themselves to taller trees (often palm trees) using their strong aerial roots, as can be seen in the photo above. Along with being aerated, the soil also should be acidic for this elegant plant’s firm growth. To replicate tropical conditions, keep the soil moist, but not wet, by watering weekly.

Water your plant when the top two inches of soil get dry. →blue star fern (phlebodium aureum) dropping leaves. This epiphytic fern is a nice selection to make hanging baskets and pots.

In the growing season water moderately and apply a balanced liquid feed monthly. Natural potting soil gives good results. Some filtered sunlight from a window may be appreciated in this circumstance.

Hardiness will vary with species. Polypodiaceae is among the largest of the fern families, representing more than 60 genera. Make sure that it’s not exposed to any sudden changes in temperature, as this can cause it to wilt or shed its leaves.

I recently acquired a blue star fern, but it keeps losing its leaves and bluish color. They can be found clinging to parts of other plants. When watering and potting, keep in mind this fern’s natural habitat and growth habit:

Some of the leaves even dry out at the tips. If planting outside, place these ferns, or better yet, hang them, in full to dappled shade. A mixture of orchid, porous potting, and peat can make ideal ground for the blue star fern.

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If you regularly mist the plant and the air in your home isn’t too dry, a location like the living room is also fine. Avoid placing the plant in direct sun, as too much sunlight falling on fronds will burn them. Indoors, it will thrive close to a window but avoid direct sunlight, as this can burn the leaves.

Room temperature should usually be fine. As mentioned in the intro, blue star ferns are epiphytes. It’s native to the rainforests of south america, and its natural habitat grows.

Placing the plant within 3 feet of a bathroom or a kitchen window is a great idea as it will get the right temperature, light, and humidity for optimum growth. While many ferns will tolerate low light conditions, and these certainly will, blue star ferns will show you their most vibrant growth in bright indirect light. The epiphytic fern is native to the tropical eastern coasts of the americas and is commonly grown as a houseplant.

It lives on tree branches in the rain forest, so it likes frequent watering but it doesn’t like to stand in water/wet soil. When it comes to temperature, blue star ferns aren’t too demanding. Also, keep evaluating the soil nutrients from time to time to ensure the plant gets all the necessary nutrients.

The blue star fern will grow faster in bright indirect light. One of two hours of morning light is ok, but it should be away from the sun’s rays by the time noon comes around. Blue star fern is a kind of fern attached to plants.

Peat based soil mixed with pertile is also suggested but. A potting mix sold for orchids is a good choice. It will also grow just fine in lower light conditions, but the growth will be slower.

During wintertime, take care not to. Blue star ferns grow naturally in tropical areas, making them accustomed to high humidity and moist soil. Blue star ferns like to grow in bright but indirect sunlight.

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I've read about its needs so i positioned it in a lower light environment than my other plants. Blue star ferns are not fond of moist and waterlogged soil because they are epiphyte. The blue star fern can be grown at the average room temperature or between 64 and 77 f (18 to 25 c).

To promote new growth, you have to remove damaged or dead foliage and errant stems. You can check this by poking your finger into the surface. Pruning is an important part of care for many plants and the same is true for blue star fern as well.

Within this phlebodium aureum, the blue star fern is one of four phlebodium species, which originate from the tropical and subtropical regions of the americas and are easily differentiated. Phlebodium aureum blue star fern soil and transplant. You can prepare the substrate yourself, adding to the universal soil or soil for ornamental deciduous plants a large number of drainage materials, pieces of bark or perlite (1/3 volume).

A well drained moist soil is best for growth of blue star fern. It will also help to prevent diseases and pests. Blue star fern (phlebodium aureum) is a fern with rhizomes, native to the forest of south africa.

Make sure the blue star plant isn't sitting in constant direct sunlight, the leaves can get burnt. The problem most houseplant lovers run into with their blue star fern is soil. The potting mix for blue star fern should be loose and quick draining.

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