Julio Cesar Goncalves Campos has been awarded the Mara de Oro


Julio Cesar Goncalves Campos: Professional Soccer Coach of the Year

Mr. Goncalves Campos, is passionate about soccer at all levels. He graduated in Brazil as a Diploma in Physical Education, and Professional Trainer in the year two thousand and one. He dedicated his first graduate years to training multiple first division clubs in Goiás, his hometown. For more than 8 years he dedicated himself to training Esporte Club coaches and footballers, contributing directly to obtaining national and international titles.

Mara de Oro

Julio Cesar Goncalves received the Award Mara de Oro, granted to him for “Professional Football (SOCCER) Coach of the Year” for his outstanding career of more than fifteen (15) years in 1st and 2nd division clubs helping them with national and international tournaments with his theoretical-practical training sports discipline.



Julio Cesar Goncalves Campos, also received the Award Mara de Oro, granted to him for the book “How to Create a Soccer Team”, in recognition of his most recent work, based on how to structure a soccer school, and the different techniques about social-cognitive, and motor skills for the technical formation, and the physical capabilities of children in the practice of soccer at an international level.



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