Although it is easy to grow from seed, resents being transplanted once it has established its tap root. “an infusion of the leaves and root of the plant was at one time believed to be an effective remedy in treating bites of rattlesnakes.”

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Its tough leaves are prepared to fend off most leaf diseases and herbivores avoid them for meals.

Rattlesnake master plant care. As stated earlier, full sun and low fertility are musts. Althugh not a butterfly or bumblebee magnet, small native bees, moths and flies will nectar on rattlesnake master. Keep your rattlesnake plant away from air conditioning units and heating systems to avoid exposing it to undesired dry air.

You can grow the plant in bright indirect light, but in those cases you need to water it more with every watering. The common name comes from the erroneous belief of the pioneers that the roots were an effective antidote to rattlesnake bites. The plant can be used in native or woodland gardens, planted singly or in masses.

The rattlesnake master plant can be used in mixed borders to provide contrast with its spiky leaves and unique flowers adding texture and form. Rattlesnake master characteristics & attributes. Simply water as needed when rain is scarce.

Once credited with the curative power of treating rattlesnake bite, eryngium yuccifolium is commonly known as rattlesnake master. Prefers dry, non fertile, sandy soils. Will flop in overly fertile soil and less than full sun.

Where should i keep rattlesnake master plant in my garden? Quite different from the usual blue forms of sea holly, this one is a native north american wildflower. Break or crush a leaf, and the aroma will give it away.

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Although the aggregation of many small flowers in dense, hemispherical heads makes rattlesnake master look like a thistle or other member of compositae, it is unrelated to those plants. Cold, dry air, poor ventilation, drafts, and sudden changes in temperatures are all very harmful. And don't worry, it doesn't attract rattlesnakes!

This very distinctive plant is an interesting cut flower and, according to steyermark: Direct exposure should be avoided as it can shrivel the leaves. It also makes an excellent garden specimen as a durable perennial in most soil types with adequate sun.

If you don’t get the seeds planted early, you may chill them for 30 days in the refrigerator, then plant. Coastal, cottage/informal, flower arranging, beds and borders, gravel, wildlife. Increase the amount of water to about a third more than what you typically use.

Rattlesnake master is one of the host plants of the black swallowtail. The plant can cause skin irritations or allergies, so it should be handled with care. Rattlesnake master, eryngium yuccifolium, is a unique wildflower best known for its bristly, spherical flowers.

The rattlesnake master plant starts the growing season as an upright clump of attractive, sword shaped bluish leaves. To create the humid environment the plant favors, stand your potted plant on a tray with pebbles. Taproot makes for poor transplanting.

Occurs in upland prairies, glades, savannas, and rocky openings of moist to dry upland forests. Rattlesnake master is one of the signature plants of the tallgrass prairie, a habitat that used to cover about half of our state before it was settled and the prairies turned into crop fields or allowed to become forest. Instead, rattlesnake master is a member of the carrot family (apiaceae or umbelliferae).

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Its water use is medium, but it can also withstand drought conditions. This plant will stand out in any garden, individually or in groups. Rattlesnake master merit awards and special collections.

Rattlesnake master (eryngium yuccifolium) needs between 4 and 6 hours of direct sunlight per day. It is the larval host for the rattlesnake master borer moth ( papaipema eryngii ). Indian traders recounted tales of native americans chewing the root of the plant and then being able to safely.

Rattlesnake master care is simple, once established. The name rattlesnake master is derived from a belief, shared by native americans and pioneers, that the plant was an antidote for rattlesnake venom.

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