See post called crankshaft seal leak. This range does not include taxes and fees, and does not factor in your specific model year or unique location.

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The average price of a 2012 toyota corolla timing belt replacement can vary depending on location.

Timing cover leak toyota corolla. Other wise it is about a 4 hour job. Repairing a timing cover leak can be a costly job, but normally is part of a timing chain service, so it isn't quoted by repairpal by itself. Common oil leaks in 1992 corolla.

Oil leaks from timing cover. The reality was it was not the timing chain cover leaking but the crankshaft seal was leaking. The average cost for a toyota corolla valve cover gasket replacement is between $105 and $123.

Related repairs may also be needed. The zze112r corolla does not have a timing belt, this is a huge maintenance cost saved by not having the 100,000kms service needing a timing belt. Toyota corolla ce / l / le / s / xle 2013, rubber timing cover seal by mahle®.

Under warranty, so the dealer replaced it. Otherwise if there is any tiny leaks not dripping from the area this equates to around a ounce every 3500 miles so you will not see it on the dip stick, after years of leaking from that tiny leak on hot days at first you may get some drips from it, but if you are adding oil between recommended oil changes then in your case (no leaks) its consumption and they are fighting. Check if this fits your toyota corolla.

This can be fixed by removing the timing cover and the bad gasket, cleaning up the oil that leaked out, checking for and cleaning out any dirt and debris that may have gotten inside, cleaning the surfaces where the gasket seals, and reinstalling the timing cover with a fresh. Labor costs are estimated between $68 and $86 while parts are priced at $37. Get a free detailed estimate for a timing belt replacement in your area from

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I recently purchased a 1992 corolla and replaced the valve cover gasket but still have a significant oil leak. Lube mobile, the mobile mechanics perform replacements of all types of oil seal and gaskets. We will clean and inspect the oil leak and then replace the oil seals or gaskets required.

The average cost for a toyota corolla engine front cover gasket replacement is between $299 and $364. Yes, on a 2010 corolla, i thought it was a timing chain cover leak. The oil seems to come from the vicinity of the timing belt, and puddles under the car below the transmission pan.

The corolla runs a timing chain instead which is maintenance free. Toyota corolla 1.6l 1992, timing cover seal strip by mahle®. Related repairs may also be needed.

Remove the timing chain tightener; I have been advised that it requires 13 hours of labour to take out the engine, and with parts to cost $122 will see a total cost of $1767. There is no leakage of.

Depends on which engine that you have, on 1 engine this job takes 7.2 hours, so that is about what your are being quoted. The '97 corolla doesn't have a timing chain. Many cases of a bad timing cover turn out to be caused by a leaking timing cover gasket.

Then, immediately after they replaced that, it was pouring out oil. Check if this fits your 2009 toyota corolla. If you car has developed an oil leak we can help.

Hello and happy holidays, my mom has been told by the dealer that her timing cover is leaking and it would cost $1200 to repair. Use something to pry it open (you might need a hammer here) and you are done. This range does not include taxes and fees, and does not factor in your specific model year or unique location.

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Check if this fits your toyota corolla. The metal casing that seals the chain inside this engine is known to leak oil. The timing cover on your toyota corolla provides protection for the timing mechanisms from dirt and debris, and may also hold oil to lubricate the timing chain if your corolla is so equipped.

He wants $1,700 to repair the leak (gasket is the issue i believe). We can replace any type of seal including crank seal, rear main seal, camshaft seals. Labor costs are estimated between $247 and $311 while parts are priced at $53.

Hello and happy holidays, my mom has been told by the dealer that her timing cover is leaking and it would cost $1200 to repair. My dealer has told me that there is an oil leak from the timing cover on my toyota aurion, which has only dome 98,000 km. 2009 toyota corolla timing cover leaking oil @ 110k miles i've got my 2009 corolla in the shop today and the service writer tells me that my timing chain cover is leaking oil.

Look at your vin code and if it is a letter y then that is the 7.2 hour job. The cover is made from either metal or plastic, and can be damaged, crack, or corrode, leading to oil leaks or debris contaminating the timing mechanisms. Finally, remove all the bolts fixing the timing chain cover to the engine block;

The best thing to do is contact one of our certified shops for a diagnosis and estimate. There is no leakage of oil on the ground in her driveway.

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